All the creative you need, for a fraction of the cost.

How does your business afford an entire marketing team? Or better yet an entire full service marketing agency?

By partnering with Hot Soup Marketing Lab.


Our pay-by-month and pay-by-piece options allow you to choose the level of support that’s right for your business. Whether it’s a single project or an ongoing campaign, pay for the services that you need, and nothing more.

Monthly Subscription


Commitment Free Consulting

Our subscription-based service allows your business idea to flourish, without a huge marketing budget and without the risk.

But we won’t treat you like a stranger.

We build out a customized digital workspace that will house all of our notes, ideas and discussions. This is how we develop a long-term relationship with you, even if we only talk for a couple of hours every 3 months.

View our subscription packages below or connect with our project management team today to see how we can be of service.

Access a full-service marketing and design team, without any commitment.

We are your team of creative thinkers, doers and marketers – but you only pay for us when you need us.

Our programs are designed around regularly scheduled meetings to help you focus on your sales and marketing needs, while keeping costs low.

Only need to develop a content calendar? You can book us for that.

Want to design a new brochure? You can hire our designers and copywriters for that.

Need help managing your print production? Our production team can help you organize and choose the right print partner.

Looking to issue an RFP for an agency and have no idea how to evaluate or build your project specs? We can help.




Take something off your plate. If it’s web-related, let us help.


Do you have ongoing design needs? We’ll keep things consistent.

Entertainment + Content + PR

Need help spreading the word? Look no further.


Nobody likes writing emails. Except us, that is. Let us handle your ongoing outreach and campaigns.




If you need it, we’ll make it (pretty).


We’ve got your event planning, market research doing, market plan writing, import, export and influencer marketing butt covered.

Branding + PR

Not to brag, but – we know people.


Content We know you hate blogging. Don’t worry, it’ll be our secret.


Need a podcast? An app? A digital ad? Whatever your digital requirement, we have a nerdy-yet-loveable tech person who can handle it. (Along with an entourage of digital designers.)

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The Story Behind Our Identity

You might be small but you’ve got big dreams. The blue of our logo represents a limitless sky of possibilities.


The broken corner represents scalability—we grow as you do.


Part tech, part creative, we work within your parameters—the box—without limiting you to in-the-box thinking.

What can we help you achieve?

Who We Are

Hot Soup Lab is a foundational member of the Hot Soup Marketing Group–an integrated collection of agencies that are designed to align our abilities and expertise with your goals.
Unlike large agencies that are beholden to stock prices and shareholders, we answer only to our teams, our clients and our communities. Small, integrated, immersed.

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